Privacy policies

● The information you provide when requesting a product and / or service such as your name, surname, nationality, marital status, ID, occupation, address, health status, among others, as well as that referring to physical features and / or behavior that identify you or make you identifiable such as your fingerprint, voice, etc. (biometric data), according to the Law is considered as Personal Data.

● You give us your free, prior or express and informed consent for your Personal Data to be processed by the Coril Group in accordance with the rules on Personal Data Protection. This authorization is indefinite.

● Your Personal Data will be stored (saved) in the Customer Data Bank of which the Coril Group is the owner or in any other that we may establish in the future. We have taken the necessary steps to keep your information secure.

● With this authorization, the Coril Group may (i) evaluate whether to grant the product (s) and / or service (s) requested, (ii) offer the products and / or services of the Coril Group and / or third parties linked or not, as well as send you commercial offers or advertising about them, (iii) use and / or transfer within the country to third parties linked or not to the Coril Group.

● IMPORTANT: If you do not give your authorization, we will not be able to process your Personal Data, in the manner explained in this authorization.

● Likewise, you can revoke the consent to process your Personal Data. To exercise this right or any other that the law establishes in relation to your Personal Data, you must submit a written request to our offices. Other channels may be established to process these requests, which will be duly informed by the Coril Group through its website.