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Leasing & Renting

Leasing & Renting

Leasing & Renting services for computer equipment, vehicles and all kinds of assets.


What is Leasing?


Leasing is a financing mechanism through which a financial entity (commonly known as a lessor), at the instruction of an applicant client (called a lessee or tenant), acquires a capital asset, which is owned by the entity, and is It is delivered to the tenant under a financial or operating lease for use and enjoyment for a period of time in exchange for a periodic payment of a sum of money, called a “canon”.

At the end of the operation, the tenant has 2 options: 1) exercise an “acquisition option” on the same asset at a price agreed upon from the beginning or 2) restore or renew the leasing operation

What is Renting?


Renting is a contract for the rental of a personal property in which the company (commonly known as the lessor) agrees to assign said personal property in exchange for the other party (the lessee) to pay a periodic fee. The company can acquire the product requested by the lessee, in the event that it is not in stock, to make it available to them.

Differences between Leasing and Renting


- Renting can be used as a resource by common individuals or individuals and not only by companies or freelancers.

- Renting does not allow the possibility of acquisition at the end of the contract, so the owner will not be able to become the owner of the property as it happens in the leasing.


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